Hawaii – by Josh, with help from Dad

Mum and Dad took us to Hawaii for the first time in April 2010. It was the best thing I’ve ever done. I had the best time. Rocky Point was my favorite place to surf. I also got to surf at Waimea Bay, Sunset and Pipeline. We surfed nearly everyday that we were there. It was really different surfing over reef and has made my surfing heaps better.

When we couldn’t surf we went snorkeling and saw so many amazing fish… my tank at home isn’t big enough now to hold all the different fish I’d like to get that I saw in Hawaii. Shark’s cover on the North Shore was the best… when I’m bigger I’d like to swim through the caves we found…

We had heaps of fun, the surfing was the best and now I’m trying to talk Mum and Dad into taking me back next year!

Check out the photo’s and video’s from my Hawaii Adventure (there’s some of Ben as well, he surfed better than he ever has!!!!)

Me taking on Waimea Bay for the first time!!!! - a bit scary but serious fun!

Me going left at Rocky Point

Remote control turtle (just joking!)...

Bennie letting Dad know he'd prefer he didn't take his picture in the water!

The view to the left of our place - looking towards Pipeline

Here's our little beach shack from down on the beach

The water color is amazing - looking left from our place

Mum and Ben out for a cycle while I was surfing Sunset

Me grabbing a left out front at Rocky Point

A Honu in Shark's Cove

The very rare red Ben fish!


Aloha everybody – we did so much stuff whilst we were in Hawaii – we went surfing (of course!), then went and jumped off the rock at Waimea Bay – isn’t that a blast! and then went snorkeling again in Shark’s Cove (even Mum came in!) chased the turtles (we didn’t touch them of course) and nearly swam through the caves (Dad and big Josh did)…

The blue room - Dad and Big Josh swam through this - awesome!!!!!

Benny and Dad snorkeling

Green Sea Turtle having a snack

Big Josh and I Snorkeling

I was in Heaven chasing fish snorkeling - this one's a clown wrasse

The Foxy Lady - this is the boat we went on our fishing charter on

Live macaroni (Mackeral) for bait!

The sharks were chasing our bait

After competing with the sharks to catch live bait (mackeral – I called them macaroni all day) we ended up 23 miles (37 km’s) off the western most point of Oahu in the search for yellow fin tuna. On the way out we caught a Wahu – ‘Ono’ in Hawaiian – Wahu are said to be the fastest fish in the sea. Unfortunately the tuna obviously didn’t like the deep water way out there cause we caught nothing! We headed back in and had a snooze on the way to find another pod of spinner dolphins – the tuna hang out with them and we landed a 115 lb yellow fin – I started bringing him in, very cool and big Josh finished him off. When we got home after 12 hours on the water the house felt like it was moving more than the boat did!

The spinner dolphins were amazing

Check the blue of the water - this guy was riding our bow wave

We went 23 miles from here the most western tip of Oahu

The two Wahu - 'Ono' that we caught

Catch of the day - our Yellow Fin Tuna - it's bigger than I am!

Big Josh takes off at Pipeline

Big Josh comes out of the barrel at Pipeline

A wave at Off the Wall (right next to Pipeline - don't know who the surfer is)

Pipeline Barrel (don't know who the surfer is)

Probably the wave of the day - it was BIG and caught everyone out of position

Me going hard at Rocky Point

Me on a big one at Rocky Point

Me going hard

When there wasn’t many waves we were all kicking back and chilling out. We when into Waikiki a few times looking for waves with longboards and even Mum went surfing for the first time. We spent a day at Pearl Harbour and walked from one end of the battleship to the other. My favorite was the F-15 Eagle at the Aviation Museum.

The USS Bowfin at Pearl Harbour

Ben and I at Pearl Harbour

On board the USS Missouri - seriously big guns

From the Bridge of the Missouri looking towards the USS Arizona Memorial (the whites structure)

Ben took charge in the Captain's seat and had everything under control

Hmmm... don't think I'd like to sleep here - the crews sleeping quarters

The highlight of the day for Me - the F15 Eagle

I don't want to sleep here either - the sleeping quarters on the USS Bowfin a submarine...

We hiked up Diamond Head, the now extinct volcano (it blew its stack somewhere between 300,000 and 150,000 years ago) that overlooks Waikiki. It was a long walk to the top but the view was really cool, you could see Maui. To cool off after we had a sno cone an went for a surf at Queen’s.

The start of the hike up Diamond Head - the little box at the top is where we were headed

About a quarter of the way up!


Made it! What a view!

Looking down on Waikiki

Shaved ice was welcome at the end... yummmmmm....

It was about three weeks into our trip when I got to surf Pipe. OK it wasn’t a Hawaiian North Shore Winter swell but for my first go it was perfect. I was stoked cause I got barrelled (didn’t quite get out :() which meant I had surfed, Waimea, Sunset and Pipe!

Me going for it at Pipeline

Big enough to get my heart racing - that's me in the middle at the bottom of the wave

Another magic sunset to finish a top day

It hard to believe that our four weeks went so fast we had an amazing time and we’ve loved minute of it. We were all looking forward to getting home though. Ben improved so much he paddled himself into some awesome waves! We went snorkelling again and still found more cool fish that we hadn’t seen before. All up between us we’ve found and photographed about 60 different types of fish and I has put them all together in a Hawaiian fish book! Well that’s it for this trip, I hope you enjoyed the story.

Me going hard at Rocky Point

The last few sunsets have been amazing

Just a wave!

Ben just loving the water

Me photographing fish!