Here’s most of the spots I’ve surfed and which ones I like best:

My Top 10

1. Snapper Rocks

Golden afternoon at Snapper

2. A special spot in Hawaii
3. Pipeline – Hawaii

Going for it at Pipeline

4. Waimea Bay – Hawaii

Taking on Waimea Bay for the first time!!!!

5. Sunset Beach – Hawaii
6. Rocky Point – Hawaii

On a big one at Rocky Point

7. The Pass at Byron

Late afternoon at the Pass

8. Broken Head
9. D’bah
10. Lennox Head

Over the last few months I’ve added a few new spots to places I have surfed:

Burleigh Heads for the first time

Pumping Pottsville, it was really small the first time I surfed it

Towed into the Tweed Bar with Big Josh – awesome!

Had a really good session at the sand pumping jetty after Dad finally worked out how to drive there!

OK – its hard to put them in order as I like surfing them all so here’s a few more:

* The Cove at Caba

The Cove at Caba

* Back Beach Caba
* Main Beach Caba
* The Spit
* The pumping jetty at Fingal
* Fingal Head
* Kirra
* Greenmount to Coolangatta
* Rainbow Bay
* Currumbin Alley – but I haven’t surfed there for ages
* Hastings Point
* Pottsville
* Blackrock
* Kingscliffe
* Mainbeach at North Stradbroke
* Narrowneck
* Queen’s at Waikiki
* Lani’s – Hawaii
* Gas Chambers – Hawaii
* Bondi – but not for ages
* Maroubra – but also not for ages
* Had a go at Avoca but it was a shocking day!