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Surfing’s Fun

Hey everyone ~ thanks for stopping by to check out my website ~ here’s a few more waves from the weekend that I really liked.


Surfing today was fun, we went down to Ballina, another new beach for me, we’ve been down there before but today was the first time I’ve surfed it. It had a really fun shorey! Snapper was sooooo flat again today, very sad 😦 Maybe, hopefully there will be some swell tomorrow! Enjoy the video, Josh

Fun waves on a flat week!

Josh tried to roll some eloquent poetry of his tongue to describe the surf this week but he came up with little more than FLAT!!!!

D’bah had a small fun wave on Wednesday, the early session was the best, got a small wave at back beach Cabba on Thurs and then nothing til Sunday arvo when there was heavy ripple at D’bah again.

Looking forward to some more fun waves this week… hopefully!