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Snapper – 27 March 2011

So much fun surfing Snapper today – started at Snapper made it all the way to Kirra… such a long walk back… stuffed after a long session… check out the video of me surfing from the last month or so!


Good Waves for the End of 2010

G’day from Snapper Rocks!

Surfing over the last week was really good. The waves have been good at Snapper. Its been a bit bigger and the wind has been from the south which makes the waves good. Even though its been Christmas holiday’s there hasn’t been very many people out, except for today when it got really good and there were heaps and heaps of people!

I hope you enjoy my video!

Spring Fun

Hi Ya’ll, I’ve been surfing heaps and heaps at Snapper, D’bah and Cabba the last month or so. It’s taken awhile but we finally got round to putting together a new video! Here it is, hope you enjoy! Josh

Lotsa Fun in the Waves

Hi Everyone, thanks heaps to everyone who has left a message lately, Josh really appreciates them! The surfs been pretty fun the last couple of weeks and Josh has been out and about mixing it up! Enjoy the clip. Cheers Paul

here’s a great initiative to help support kids and adults the world over with Autism ~ the initiative is to go without facebook and twitter for a day on the 1st of November to get a small glimpse into the world of those who struggle everyday to communicate with the world ~ it would be great if you can pass this on and great if you can support it! cheers Paul (Josh’s Dad)

Here’s the website! https://communicationshutdown.org

Wet, Wet, Wet

Wow, it has been so wet this weekend, had a really fun surf on Saturday and Dad’s home (he was overseas for 2 weeks) so we made a new video clip! I hope you enjoy it, Josh!

Small Wave Fun…

Hi Everybody ~ its been really hard to get much video this week ’cause the surfs been so small but we did find a few waves here and there and had heaps of fun… got my new board this week and it rocks, thanks Cheyne!!! Josh

Surfing’s Fun

Hey everyone ~ thanks for stopping by to check out my website ~ here’s a few more waves from the weekend that I really liked.